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Honeysuckle essential oil as a potential source of ecofriendly larvicides for mosquito control
Ephantus J. Muturi, Kenneth Doll, Mark Berhow, Lina B. Flor‐Weiler, Alejandro P. Rooney (January 2019)

Citronella oil – loaded electrospun micro/nanofibrous matrices as sustained repellency systems for the Asian tiger mosquito Aedes albopictus
Konstantina Iliou, Stefanos Kikionis, Panos V. Petrakis, Efstathia Ioannou, Vassilios Roussis (January 2019)

Co occurrence of V1016I and F1534C mutations in the voltage gated sodium channel and resistance to pyrethroids in Aedes aegypti (L.) from the Colombian Caribbean region
Ronald Maestre‐Serrano, Paula Pareja‐Loaiza, Doris Gomez Camargo, Gustavo Ponce‐García, Adriana E Flores (December 2018)

A comprehensive assessment of inbreeding and laboratory adaptation in Aedes aegypti mosquitoes
Perran A. Ross, Nancy M. Endersby‐Harshman, Ary A. Hoffmann (November 2018)

Evaluating perceptions of risk in mosquito experts and identifying undocumented pathways for the introduction of invasive mosquito species into Europe
A. Ibañez‐Justicia, P. M. Poortvliet, C. J. M. Koenraadt (November 2018)

Maternal and paternal nutrition in a mosquito influences offspring life histories but not infection with an arbovirus
Kylie E. Zirbel, Barry W. Alto (October 2018)

Construction of an efficient genomic editing system with CRISPR/Cas9 in the vector mosquito Aedes albopictus
Tong Liu, Wen‐Qiang Yang, Yu‐Gu Xie, Pei‐Wen Liu, Li‐Hua Xie, Feng Lin, Chen‐Ying Li, Jin‐Bao Gu, Kun Wu, Gui‐Yun Yan, Xiao‐Guang Chen (October 2018)

Spatio temporal distribution of vertically transmitted dengue viruses by Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae) from Arroyo Naranjo, Havana, Cuba
Gladys Gutiérrez‐Bugallo, Rosmari Rodríguez‐Roche, Gisell Díaz, Magaly Pérez, María Elena Mendizábal, Iris Peraza, Antonio A. Vázquez, Mayling Alvarez, Magdalena Rodríguez, Juan A. Bisset, María G. Guzmán (October 2018)

Truck mounted area wide applications of larvicides and adulticides for extended suppression of adult Aedes albopictus
Isik Unlu, Ary Faraji, Gregory M Williams, Sebastien Marcombe, Dina M Fonseca, Randy Gaugler (October 2018)

Longitudinal monitoring of environmental factors at Culicidae larval habitats in urban areas and their association with various mosquito species using an innovative strategy
Amira Nebbak Alexandra C Willcox Sekou Koumare Jean‐Michel Berenger Didier Raoult Philippe Parola Albin Fontaine Sébastien Briolant Lionel Almeras (September 2018)

Characterization of Tolypocladium cylindrosporum (Hypocreales, Ophiocordycipitaceae) isolates from Brazil and their efficacy against Aedes aegypti (Diptera, Culicidae)
C. Montalva J.J. Silva L.F.N. Rocha C. Luz R.A. Humber (August 2018)

Asymmetric synthesis of tetrahydroquinoline type ecdysone agonists and QSAR for their binding affinity against Aedes albopictus ecdysone receptors
Taiyo Yokoi, Yoshiaki Nakagawa, Hisashi Miyagawa (August 2018)

Field comparison of oviposition substrates used in ovitraps for Aedes aegypti surveillance in Salta, Argentina
Mariana Chanampa, José F. Gil, Juan P. Aparicio, Paola Castillo, Carolina Mangudo, Griselda N. Copa, Raquel M. Gleiser (July 2018)

Modelling the distribution of the vector Aedes aegypti in a central Argentine city
E. L. Estallo, F. Sangermano, M. Grech, F. Ludueña‐Almeida, M. Frías‐Cespedes, M. Ainete, W. Almirón, T. Livdahl (July 2018)

Transmission potential of Mayaro virus in Florida Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitoes
K. Wiggins, B. Eastmond, B. W. Alto (July 2018)

Lippia gracilis essential oil in β cyclodextrin inclusion complexes: an environmentally safe formulation to control Aedes aegypti larvae
Juliana G Galvão, Patrícia Cerpe, Darlisson A Santos, Joyce KMC Gonsalves, Adriana J Santos, Rafaela KV Nunes, Ana AM Lira, Péricles B Alves, Roseli La Corte, Arie F Blank, Gabriel F Silva, Sócrates CH Cavalcanti, Rogéria S Nunes (July 2018)

Optimization of double stranded RNAi intrathoracic injection method in Aedes aegypti
Seokyoung Kang, Dongyoung Shin, Mi Young Noh, Jill S. Peters, Chelsea T. Smartt, Yeon Soo Han, Young S. Hong (July 2018)

Seasonal Prevalence of Mosquitoes Collected from Light Traps in Gyeongsangnam Province, Republic of Korea (2013–2014)
Dong‐Min Kim, Byung‐Eon Noh, Jeonghoon Heo, Wook‐Gyo Lee, Sung‐Chan Yang, Dong‐Kyu Lee (July 2018)

Lethal effects of erythritol on the mosquito Aedes aegypti Linnaeus (Diptera: Culicidae)
Patrick L. Gilkey, Dennis T. Bolshakov, Julia G. Kowala, Linden A. Taylor, Sean O'Donnell, Daniel R. Marenda, Laura K. Sirot (July 2018)

Methionine as a safe and effective novelbiorational mosquito larvicide
Emma NI Weeks, Julie Baniszewski, Salvador A Gezan, Sandra A Allan, James P Cuda, Bruce R Stevens (June 2018)

Blood induced differential gene expression in Anopheles dirus evaluated using RNA sequencing
W. Mongkol W. Nguitragool J. Sattabongkot A. Kubera (June 2018)

Genetic characters of the globally spread tiger mosquito, Aedes albopictus (Diptera, Culicidae): implications from mitochondrial gene COI
(May 2018)

Mosquito traps for urban surveillance: collection efficacy and potential for use by citizen scientists
Mathieu Bazin, Craig R. Williams (May 2018)

Effects of scarcity and excess of larval food on life history traits of Aedes aegypti(Diptera: Culicidae)
Victoria Romeo Aznar, Iris Alem, María Sol De Majo, Barbara Byttebier, Hernán G. Solari, Sylvia Fischer (May 2018)

Diversity and seasonal abundances of mosquitoes at potential arboviral transmission sites in two different climate zones in Switzerland

Modulation of mitochondrial metabolism as a biochemical trait in blood feeding organisms: the redox vampire hypothesis redux
Caroline M. Ferreira, Matheus P. Oliveira, Marcia C. Paes, Marcus F. Oliveira (January 2018)

Insect growth regulatory and larvicidal activity of chalcones against Aedes albopictus
Seok‐Hee Lee, Jae Young Choi, Bo Ram Lee, Ying Fang, Jong Hoon Kim, Dong Hwan Park, Min Gu Park, Ra Mi Woo, Woo Jin Kim, Yeon Ho Je (January 2018)

Quantitative structure–activity relationship (QSAR) analysis of plant derived compounds with larvicidal activity against Zika Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae) vector using freely available descriptors
Laura M Saavedra, Gustavo P Romanelli, Pablo R Duchowicz (January 2018)

First evidence of resistance to pyrethroid insecticides in Italian Aedes albopictuspopulations 26 years after invasion
Verena Pichler, Romeo Bellini, Rodolfo Veronesi, Daniele Arnoldi, Annapaola Rizzoli, Riccardo Paolo Lia, Domenico Otranto, Fabrizio Montarsi, Sara Carlin, Marco Ballardini, Elisa Antognini, Marco Salvemini, Emanuele Brianti, Gabriella Gaglio, Mattia Manica, Pietro Cobre, Paola Serini, Enkelejda Velo, John Vontas, Ilias Kioulos, Joao Pinto, Alessandra della Torre, Beniamino Caputo (December 2017)

Insecticide susceptibility status in Mexican populations of Stegomyia aegypti (= Aedes aegypti): a nationwide assessment

Population genomics of the Asian tiger mosquito, Aedes albopictus: insights into the recent worldwide invasion
Panayiota Kotsakiozi, Joshua B. Richardson, Verena Pichler, Guido Favia, Ademir J. Martins, Sandra Urbanelli, Peter A. Armbruster, Adalgisa Caccone (October 2017)

Voltage sensitive sodium channel mutations S989P + V1016G in Aedes aegypti confer variable resistance to pyrethroids, DDT and oxadiazines
Letícia B Smith, Shinji Kasai, Jeffrey G Scott (October 2017)

Effect of interruption of over flooding releases of transgenic mosquitoes over wild population of Aedes aegypti: two case studies in Brazil
Luiza Garziera, Michelle Cristine Pedrosa, Fabrício Almeida de Souza, Maylen Gómez, Márcia Bento Moreira, Jair Fernandes Virginio, Margareth Lara Capurro, Danilo Oliveira Carvalho (October 2017)

Insecticide resistance, associated mechanisms and fitness aspects in two BrazilianStegomyia aegypti (= Aedes aegypti) populations

Aedes aegypti (L.) mosquitoes in Trinidad, West Indies: longevity case studies
Dave D. Chadee, Raymond Martinez, Joan M. Sutherland (May 2017)

A new method of deploying entomopathogenic fungi to control adult Aedes aegypti mosquitoes
L. E. I. Silva, A. R. Paula, A. Ribeiro, T. M. Butt, C. P. Silva, R. I. Samuels (May 2017)

Ethics of community engagement in field trials of genetically modified mosquitoes
David B. Resnik (May 2017)

Chemicals isolated from Justicia adhatoda Linn reduce fitness of the mosquito, Aedes aegypti L
Annamalai Thanigaivel, Sengottayan Senthil‐Nathan, Prabhakaran Vasantha‐Srinivasan, Edward‐Sam Edwin, Athirstam Ponsankar, Selvaraj Selin‐Rani, Venkatraman Pradeepa, Muthiah Chellappandian, Kandaswamy Kalaivani, Ahmed Abdel‐Megeed, Raman Narayanan, Kadarkarai Murugan (March 2017)

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