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Individual and temporal variation in pathogen load predicts long term impacts of an emerging infectious disease
Konstans Wells, Rodrigo K. Hamede, Menna E. Jones, Paul A. Hohenlohe, Andrew Storfer, Hamish I. McCallum (January 2019)

EFSA's activities on emerging risks in 2017
European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), Ana Afonso, Raquel Garcia Matas, Angelo Maggiore, Caroline Merten, Agnes Rortais, Taya Huang, Tobin Robinson (January 2019)

Portable sequencing, genomic data, and scale in global emerging infectious disease surveillance
Liam P. Shaw, Nicola C. Sugden (December 2018)

A comparative analysis of the metaphase karyotypes of Aedes excrucians, Ae. behningi, and Ae. euedes (Diptera: Culicidae) imaginal disсs
Irina E. Wasserlauf, Svetlana S. Alekseeva, Yulia V. Andreeva, Anuarbek K. Sibataev, Vladimir N. Stegniy (November 2018)

Bromeliad targeted foliar treatments with Aqualuer® 20 20 for hot spot mitigation using three hand sprayers against Aedes albopictus (Diptera: Culicidae)
Christopher S. Bibbs, Jesse E. Crosier, Joseph M. D’Amato, Jennifer Gibson‐Corrado, Rui‐De Xue (November 2018)

Diversity patterns of hematophagous insects in Atlantic forest fragments and human modified areas of southern Bahia, Brazil
Lilian S. Catenacci, Joaquim Nunes‐Neto, Sharon L. Deem, Jamie L. Palmer, Elizabeth S. Travassos‐da Rosa, J. Sebastian Tello (November 2018)

A comparison of mosquito densities, weather and infection rates of Aedes aegypti during the first epidemics of Chikungunya (2014) and Zika (2016) in areas with and without vector control in Puerto Rico
R. Barrera, M. Amador, V. Acevedo, M. Beltran, J. L. Muñoz (September 2018)

Killing two bugs with one stone: a perspective for targeting multiple pest species by incorporating reproductive interference into sterile insect technique
Atsushi Honma, Norikuni Kumano, Suzuki Noriyuki (September 2018)

Impact of recent and future climate change on vector borne diseases
Cyril Caminade, K. Marie McIntyre, Anne E. Jones (August 2018)

Population structure of a vector of human diseases: Aedes aegypti in its ancestral range, Africa
Panayiota Kotsakiozi, Benjamin R. Evans, Andrea Gloria‐Soria, Basile Kamgang, Martin Mayanja, Julius Lutwama, Gilbert Le Goff, Diego Ayala, Christophe Paupy, Athanase Badolo, Joao Pinto, Carla A. Sousa, Arlete D. Troco, Jeffrey R. Powell (July 2018)

Water associated with residential areas and tourist resorts is the key predictor of Asian tiger mosquito presence on a Mediterranean island
A. Sanz‐Aguilar, R. Rosselló, M. Bengoa, M. Ruiz‐Pérez, M. González‐Calleja, C. Barceló, D. Borrás, C. Paredes‐Esquivel, M. A. Miranda, G. Tavecchia (July 2018)

Bacterial microbiota assemblage in Aedes albopictus mosquitoes and its impacts on larval development
Xiaoming Wang, Tong Liu, Yang Wu, Daibin Zhong, Guofa Zhou, Xinghua Su, Jiabao Xu, Charity F. Sotero, Adnan A. Sadruddin, Kun Wu, Xiao‐Guang Chen, Guiyun Yan (May 2018)

Efficiency of an air curtain as an anti insect barrier: the honey bee as a model insect
Guillaume Kairo, Maryline Pioz, Sylvie Tchamitchian, Michel Pelissier, Jean‐Luc Brunet, Luc P Belzunces (May 2018)

Modeling a single season of Aedes albopictus populations based on host seeking data in response to temperature and precipitation in eastern Tennessee
James Nance, Rebecca Trout Fryxell, Suzanne Lenhart (May 2018)

Wolbachia enhances insect specific flavivirus infection in Aedes aegyptimosquitoes
Hilaria E. Amuzu, Kirill Tsyganov, Cassandra Koh, Rosemarie I. Herbert, David R. Powell, Elizabeth A. McGraw (May 2018)

Larvicidal potency of selected xerophytic plant extracts on Culex pipiens (Diptera: Culicidae)
Nael Abutaha, Fahd A. Al‐Mekhlafi, Lamya Ahmed Al‐Keridis, Muhammad Farooq, Fahd A. Nasr, Muhammad Al‐Wadaan (March 2018)

Frequency and intensity of pyrethroid resistance through the CDC bottle bioassay and their association with the frequency of kdr mutations in Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae) from Mexico
Beatriz Lopez‐Monroy, Selene M Gutierrez‐Rodriguez, Olga Karina Villanueva‐Segura, Gustavo Ponce‐Garcia, Franco Morales‐Forcada, Leslie C Alvarez, Adriana E Flores (March 2018)

Community Engagement and Field Trials of Genetically Modified Insects and Animals
Carolyn P. Neuhaus (February 2018)

Comparative phylogeography of Aedes mosquitoes and the role of past climatic change for evolution within Africa
Kelly Louise Bennett, Martha Kaddumukasa, Fortunate Shija, Rousseau Djouaka, Gerald Misinzo, Julius Lutwama, Yvonne Marie Linton, Catherine Walton (February 2018)

Mosquito vector associated microbiota: Metabarcoding bacteria and eukaryotic symbionts across habitat types in Thailand endemic for dengue and other arthropod borne diseases
Panpim Thongsripong, James Angus Chandler, Amy B. Green, Pattamaporn Kittayapong, Bruce A. Wilcox, Durrell D. Kapan, Shannon N. Bennett (December 2017)

Larvicidal and residual activity of imidazolium salts against Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae)
Emanuelle Goellner, Ademir Tramontini Schmitt, Júlia Lacerda Couto, Nicolas Drumm Müller, Harry Luiz Pilz‐Junior, Henri Stephan Schrekker, Carlos Eugenio Silva, Onilda Santos da Silva (November 2017)

First insights into insecticidal activity against Aedes aegypti and partial biochemical characterization of a novel low molecular mass chymotrypsin trypsin inhibitor purified from Lonchocarpus sericeus seeds
Luiz CP Almeida Filho, Pedro MS Tabosa, Denise C Hissa, Ilka M Vasconcelos, Ana FU Carvalho (November 2017)

Decoupling of active and passive reasons for the invasion dynamics of Aedes albopictusSkuse (Diptera: Culicidae): Comparisons of dispersal history in the Apennine and Florida peninsulas
Attila Trájer, Tamás Hammer, István Kacsala, Balázs Tánczos, Nárcisz Bagi, Judit Padisák (November 2017)

Synthesis and structure–activity relationships of carbohydrazides and 1,3,4 oxadiazole derivatives bearing an imidazolidine moiety against the yellow fever and dengue vector, Aedes aegypti
Fatih Tok, Bedia Kocyigit‐Kaymakcioglu, Nurhayat Tabanca, Alden S Estep, Aaron D Gross Werner J Geldenhuys, James J Becnel, Jeffrey R Bloomquist (September 2017)

Climate Change, Climate Justice, and Environmental Health: Implications for the Nursing Profession
Patrice K. Nicholas, Suellen Breakey (July 2017)

Effective population sizes of a major vector of human diseases, Aedes aegypti
Norah P. Saarman, Andrea Gloria‐Soria, Eric C. Anderso,n Benjamin R. Evans, Evlyn Pless, Luciano V. Cosme, Cassandra Gonzalez‐Acosta, Basile Kamgang, Dawn M. Wesson, Jeffrey R. Powell (June 2017)

High throughput sequencing of transposable element insertions suggests adaptive evolution of the invasive Asian tiger mosquito towards temperate environments
Clement Goubert, Helene Henri, Guillaume Minard, Claire Valiente Moro, Patrick Mavingui, Cristina Vieira, Matthieu Boulesteix (May 2017)

RNA editing by the host ADAR system affects the molecular evolution of the Zika virus
Helen Piontkivska, Madeline Frederick, Michael M. Miyamoto, Marta L. Wayne (May 2017)

Implications of guppy (Poecilia reticulata) life history phenotype for mosquito control
Misha L. Warbanski, Piata Marques, Therese C. Frauendorf, Dawn A. T. Phillip, Rana W. El‐Sabaawi (April 2017)

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