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A review of the potential of the MinION™ single molecule sequencing system for forensic applications
Diana Plesivkova, Rebecca Richards, SallyAnn Harbison (December 2018)

Vero Cell Proteomic Changes Induced by Zika Virus Infection
Kathleen K. M. Glover, Ang Gao, Ali Zahedi‐Amiri, Kevin M. Coombs (December 2018)

The role of regulatory T Cells in autoimmune orchitis
Patricia Jacobo (December 2018)

FAM134B induces tumorigenesis and epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition via Akt signaling in hepatocellularcarcinoma
Zhao‐qi Zhang, Jin Chen, Wan‐qiu Huang, Deng Ning, Qiu‐meng Liu, Chao Wang, Long Zhang, Li Ren, Liang Chu, Hui‐fang Liang, Hai‐ning Fan, Bi‐xiang Zhang, Xiao‐ping Chen (December 2018)

Designing Multivalent Ligands to Control Biological Interactions: From Vaccines and Cellular Effectors to Targeted Drug Delivery
Ammar Arsiwala, Ana Castro, Steven Frey, Mark Stathos, Ravi S. Kane (December 2018)

Volatile Composition and Biological Activities of the Leaf Essential Oil from Zanthoxylum limoncello Grown in Oaxaca, México
Nemesio Villa‐Ruano, Yesenia Pacheco‐Hernández, José Alejo Zárate‐Reyes, Ramiro Cruz‐Durán, Edmundo Lozoya‐Gloria (December 2018)

Camouflage and interception: how pathogens evade detection by intracellular nucleic acid sensors
Leonie Unterholzner, Jessica F. Almine (November 2018)

Organ on chip models: Implications in drug discovery and clinical applications
Rahul Mitta,l Frank W. Woo, Carlo S. Castro, Madeline A. Cohen, Joana Karanxha, Jeenu Mittal, Tanya Chhibber, Vasanti M. Jhaveri (November 2018)

FACS Mediated Isolation of Neuronal Cell Populations From Virus Infected Human Embryonic Stem Cell–Derived Cerebral Organoid Cultures
Sylvie Janssens, Michael Schotsaert, Lara Manganaro,Marion Dejosez, Viviana Simon, Adolfo García‐Sastre, Thomas P. Zwaka (October 2018)

The applications of CRISPR/Cas system in molecular detection
Li Zhou, Rongxue Peng, Rui Zhang, Jinming Li (October 2018)

Organoids for Advanced Therapeutics and Disease Models
Suran Kim, Ann‐Na Cho, Sungjin Min, Sooyeon Kim, Seung‐Woo Cho (September 2018)

Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) as model to study inherited defects of neurotransmission in inborn errors of metabolism
Sabine Jung‐Klawitter, Thomas Opladen (July 2018)

A panoptic uncovering of the dynamical evolution of the Zika Virus NS5 methyltransferase binding site loops—zeroing in on the molecular landscape
Nikita Devnarain, Mahmoud E. S. Soliman (June 2018)

State of the Art Design and Rapid Mixing Production Techniques of Lipid Nanoparticles for Nucleic Acid Delivery
Martijn J. W. Evers, Jayesh A. Kulkarni, Roy van der Meel, Pieter R. Cullis, Pieter Vader, Raymond M. Schiffelers (April 2018)

Nucleocytoplasmic shuttling of the West Nile virus RNA dependent RNA polymerase NS5 is critical to infection
Adam J. Lopez‐Denman, Alice Russo, Kylie M. Wagstaff, Peter A. White, David A. Jans, Jason M. Mackenzie (March 2018)

Crystal structures of the methyltransferase and helicase from the ZIKA 1947 MR766 Uganda strain
Malgorzata Bukrejewska, Urszula Derewenda, Malwina Radwanska, Daniel A. Engel, Zygmunt S. Derewenda (September 2017)

Low density lipopolyprotein inhibits flavivirus acquisition in Aedes aegypti
Z. L. Wagar, M. O. Tree, M. C. Mpoy, M. J. Conway (July 2017)

Potential mechanisms of Zika linked microcephaly
Emily Merfeld, Lily Ben‐Avi, Mason Kennon, Kara L. Cerveny (April 2017)

Zika virus induced cellular remodelling
Evan D. Rossignol, Kristen N. Peters, John H. Connor, Esther Bullitt (March 2017)

Flavivirus cross reactivity in serological tests and Guillain Barré syndrome in a hematopoietic stem cell transplant patient: A case report
Sonia M. Raboni, Carmem Bonfim, Bernardo M. Almeida, Camila Zanluca, Andrea C. Koish,i Paula R.V.P. Rodrigues, Claudia K. Kay, Lisandro L. Ribeiro, Rosana H. Scola, Claudia N. Duarte dos Santos (March 2017)

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